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Unfortunately, things like this are happening a lot lately, and I think it's garbage.  Is Mr. Nissan pretending to be affiliated with Nissan Motors in any way, shape, or form?  No,  and it might be different if he were.  But as it stands, Mr. Nissan is just trying to run his company.  There's nothing on Mr. Nissan's pages that could be considered libelous toward Nissan Motors, or anyone else.  Beside, domain registration is first-come, first-serve. 
All this just goes to show that big business needs to grow up, and that way too many people are sue-happy.
Let the boycott continue...
Bill Blough

I find it very disturbing that the Nissan Motor Corporation is suing for the Nissan.COM domain naming rights, even though it has no valid reason for doing so. 
Such bullying by a major corporation is absurd greedy, and unethical.  Because of the actions Nissan Motor Corporation is taking, I will boycott the company by not purchasing any automotive products from them. I will also be a major advocate against recommending their products to other's who are planning to make purchases from them.
I fully support the actions taken by Nissan Computers, in defense of it's right to own the Nissan.COM domain name.
Jason Turner

Dear Nissan Motors Co....
Shame....Shame....Shame on you, your President, CEO, and all your employees... you DISHONOR your Company by this Disrespectful action.  Is your Company visionless.....unable to build for a future. Your shortsighted action against a legitimate owner of the name "Nissan.Com" WILL COST YOU MULTI-MILLIONS of Dollars In Lost Future Revenues.   A World Wide...Consumer...Internet... Boycott of your Products Is Now Underway. Why is your Corporation so Cheap.....Degrading yourselves to Lawyer run "Thievery" trying to demolish someone's lawful business. Instead of building, planning and investing for your own Future.  IT IS YOUR MISTAKE AND YOUR LACK OF VISION THAT YOU DID NOT REGISTER THIS NAME FIRST.  My Recommendation......If you Require this Name So Desperately....OFFER TO BUY IT for an amount the owner can't refuse. A Drop in the bucket of your Yearly Advertising Budget.  A win-win solution would bring Honor and Respect back to your Company, In a Professional and Business Like Manner.  Until then....I support and promote a world wide boycott of all Nissan Motor Co. I do not Trust Companies that conduct Business with Malice.  Nissan Motor Co. should be promoting consumer confidence, not lowering itself to loathsome and despicable conduct degrading it's own reputation and name.  Don't underestimate The POWER of the Internet it's an Instant World Wide Consumer Medium.
I hope you have vision for the Future.
J R Stogrin

I have owned three Nissan maximas in ten years.  I am greatly disappointed in their behavior.
I'll just have to make sure my next car is a BMW.  I do not want to be associated with such a company.
Kuno Chiteji

Well, I can just add to all others on this site when they say that Nissan Motor Corp are totally out of their minds. It is clear that they have already lost millions in business, and I hope they loose many millions more. I was looking at leasing a number of Xterra's for our sales force, but after reading up on this site, NO CHANCE IN H..LL!!! GO AWAY Nissan MC, LEAVE MR. Nissan ALONE, PAY HIM A NICE SETTLEMENT FOR EXPENSES, PAIN AND SUFFERING, AND LEAVE HIM AND HIS WEBSITE ALONE!!
Peter Smith - CA

I support Mr. Nissan. It is just tough luck for Nissan motor company. It serves them right for not being on the ball and reserving the web name in 1994. If they want it then they should have to pay Mr. Nissan however much he wants. If he doesn't want to sell it then he shouldn't have to. Taking him to court is a dirty trick.
After having heard about this I can assure you that I will never buy a Nissan.
Stephen Wilson

Sorry Nissan Motor company, you don't have a ground to stand on; Individuals are ALLOWED to register their own names, this individual did it YEARS before you even knew the internet existed.  Now your upset because your people where SLEEPING at the wheel and this individual registered his FREAKING NAME!
I suggest two things,  FIRE whoever missed out on this domain name and then leave this person alone.  They will win, and people like me will donate cash to them to pay attorneys.
Avery L. Brooks

I am quite surprised that the Nissan auto company would attempt to legally browbeat a small computer company whose owner's historical name is Nissan, which is also a DICTIONARY WORD, the name of an ancient Jewish month.
I will make certain that this selection of an Israeli to be your example for the hundreds of other firms which use the name "Nissan" on the Internet is made known to the Jewish community, especially during the approaching Holy Day season.  Hopefully, the forthcoming decrease in Nissan auto sales to my co-religionists will act as deterrent to your blatantly anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic activities.
I'm surprised at your behavior.  Shame on you!
Allan E. Mallenbaum

I am a car sales person at Washburn Motors in Provo, UT.  1/3 of our cars are Nissan's.  Based on your oligarchic and unfair practices toward Nissan Computer, I will personally sell More Honda's than Nissans.  Moreover, I am going to share this experience with everybody I know.  Like they say in Marketing, If you make one customer mad, you have lost eight.  However; if you file unfounded lawsuits, making a mockery of our judicial system, WORD SPREADS FAST -- WORLDWIDE.  Grow up and get your own domain name. 
Former Nissan Salesperson.
Jake Cannon

To Nissan Motor Co:
To claim that any potential customer searching for an automobile would be directed to a competitor because of the actions of a computer service provider is absurd.  I urge you to drop this self-righteous suit.  This, in the bible, is greed.  I believe this is an action of unnecessary aggressive action against an individual attempting to earn a living, and the public and courts should actively disapprove of such actions.  I will inform my friends and family of this un-Christian business practice.
Eric Calhoun

Who do you think you are?
You think you can stop someone from running a business under their own name, if you were blessed with any Business acumen why not use it now and register Nissan MOTOR CORP or something along those lines?  I have taken my own stand over your stand over tactics and am no selling my fleet of 27 Nissan cars and will never buy another one again if you proceed with these legal proceeding (shame really as Nissan cars are the best Japanese cars my company has ever had and I have had over 100 in the last 15 years).  I hope you see the error in you actions in thinking that you are the only people in the world  that can use the name Nissan, what is next  are you going to sue everyone with the name Nissan?  Or are you going to admit to the fact that you were just to slow to see the obvious?  Maybe this is why your company building the best Japanese cars on the market still only has  a minority share of the market.
Bruce Jordan

As a result of the thuggish behavior of the Nissan Motor Co., in pursuing an action that is both meritless and absurd, I have decided to never purchase any products manufactured by Nissan, its affiliates, subsidiaries, nor any firms in whom Nissan Motor Co. is a major shareholder.  Further, I am recommending to my staff and our client list of over 120,000 U.S. citizens and residents that they do the same.  I have forwarded a message regarding this action to all, and will continue to recommend punitive action against Nissan Motor Co., until it reverses its stand.  I plan to file a friend of the court petition to hold Nissan Motor Co., its attorneys and representation to task via Rule Eleven of the ABA.
Bernard Maroney

I was possibly going to buy a Nissan but now I'm not even considering it.  Nissan Motor company, fire all your lawyers, sack the board and get a life.  I've never heard of Nissan Computer but I won't EVER support a fascist multinational trying to destroy small business.  Thanks to Nissan Motor company's behavior, I will now buy an Australian car.  You have made my decision easier.
John Baker

WOW! I just left a Nissan dealership and we drove the QUEST home for a test drive. I came in to look up more info at and discovered all this- I will get the Mercury Villager! Everyone who sees this should comment- Hope you get millions for your trouble Mr. Nissan.
K. Henry

I just bought a 2000 Nissan Xterra and now I am sick to death! I find this web site while trying to get information on my new SUV! This law suit is frivolous at best! and DISHONORABLE at its worst! Uzi Nissan has the right to the name as it has been passed down from generation to generation. At one time Japanes Companies would have honored this mans claim. especially one that decided to operate under a false name to keep from going belly up in the American market due to the crimes committed by the Nissan of old during World War II. The president and CEOs of Nissan Motors needs to with draw this law suit of they will dishonor not only their family name's but all that work for them. The Japanese Ancestors of any person affiliated with Nissan Motors is turning in their graves because they know that they will share in the dishonor this law suit brings with it.
Student of Bushido

As the owner of a small business, I am very distressed by the tactics of Nissan Motors against Nissan Computer.  I maintain a fleet of vehicles in my business, and will never again consider a Nissan vehicle for our fleet.  Shame on you.
Jerry Hogan

I can not believe that a larger company would have the nerve to do such.  I will never purchase another Nissan again and I am also going to raise public awareness in my home town.  We have a lot of small business owners here that will not be too happy once they find out that once more a corporate giant is trying to step on us small business owners.  You giants do not own America, nor does Nissan have the right to own the domain name.  You provide cars, which we can get elsewhere.  I provide computer repairs, computer classes and web design not to mention a few other computer related services.  The companies I work for need me to keep their web site running as I am the only person here in town that provides this service.  I need the small bakery down the street to keep my employees in doughnuts in the mornings for happier employees (Run by a sweet old lady and husband).  I also need the printing shop up town to provide my printing needs, as they give better rates and service than the corporate giants..  What we do not need is corporate giants trying to walk all over us.  What I am trying to say is that America is run by small businesses.  We may not make as much as the giants, but we also could not run our businesses successfully without other small business owners and the extra mile they go out for us.  And the giants like Nissan could not run without us buying your products.  I know of at least 16 businesses here that I will be directing this information to, as I know that they will support Mr. Uzi Nissan.  And these are just the ones I do business with, once they contact the small business owners that they deal with, then the word will spread like wild fire about what Nissan is doing, and there is no telling how many customers and future customers Nissan will be loosing.  We can live without you Nissan, and get our cars elsewhere, but you can not survive without us.  It's time for all the small business owners in America to show Nissan just what kind of impact we can have if we join together and not buy their products again.  Then we'll see how long it takes for them to drop this crazy law-suit.
Maria Vowell

I wish to express my opinion that, based on the information I have received, I feel that Nissan Motor Co. must think itself still alied with Hitler.  I think I will have to by a Honda next time.
Mr. Joy

I wanted to buy a Nissan Patrol Jeep for me and some Nissan trucks for my Company, so I decided to go to but I found Nissan Computers. I wasn't shocked or depressed cause you see who ever registers their domains first gets first its kind of a first come first serve basis.  When I saw the article and when I went into the depth of it, I lost the respect for Nissan Motors. Deep From my heart I have started to hate Nissan Motors for their greediness which is causing agony for Uzi Nissan.
I would say at the end ,Shame on you Nissan Motors! You Guys have lost lotsa clients and business and here again you have lost YET another Client and a business of US$80,000!!!
AND YOU Mr. Uzi you better stick your nose up! cause you will win inshALLAH!!!!
Asad Ghawas

I rented a Nissan Maxima GXE while on business and fell in love with the car. I was all set to trade in my BMW328i for this car, and decided to find out more from Nissan Motor Company. I was going to buy one for myself, and one for my future wife.  When I logged onto, I found this site, and read the article.  Nissan Motor Company has just lost a customer. Their abuse of cybersquatting laws, blatant use of their corporate "mega-power" status to bully an honest small business, and total disregard for public relations indicates to me that they are a company I do not wish to do business with.
Joseph F. Dalessio

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